Message Questions

A reader’s suggestion that texting is a great alternative for folks who don’t care much for Facebook Messenger drew some questions:

“Does FB work when you have no iPhone connection? That’s why we learned to text as there was no iPhone connection & power was out also. But we could text.”

You can use Facebook with either your phone’s data plan or with a WiFi connection. Some carriers offer texting without a data plan. That’s how you were able to text without a data connection.

I think it’s a good idea to have multiple messaging options including texting and messaging services. You never know what’s going to happen.


Another reader pointed out possible issues with text messages.

“What about people with friends on Facebook with whom it would be difficult to text? For example, some of my friends are overseas: so all my international contacts would need to switch to Telegram or other messaging services. It would not be reasonable for anyone to expect all their contacts to move off FB Messenger just because they aren’t comfortable with the platform. Email is a viable option, albeit not really a messaging service.”

You’re absolutely right. Texting isn’t practical for every situation. Messaging apps are an amazing resource for staying in touch with people all over the world. Email works, too. Though the communication flow is not quite the same as a message thread.

That’s while I think it’s important to be fluent in texting, messaging, and email. It doesn’t hurt to know how to write a good old-fashioned letter. You’d be surprised at how many younger people aren’t literate at how physical mail works.


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