Change Search Engine In Microsoft Edge

Enjoy Microsoft Edge but aren’t too keen on using Bing as your search engine? You can switch the default search engine for your address bar to whatever you choose.

It’s not difficult to do but Microsoft sure doesn’t make it easy to find. Let’s learn how.

Start by opening Edge. Click the three-dot menu icon and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


At the left, choose Privacy and services.


Scroll down to Services.


Then go to Address bar. Click the arrow at the far right.


You’ll have several options.


From here you can decide if you want to see search and site suggestion when you start typing in the address bar.


Scroll down to Search engine used in the address bar. Bing is set as your default. Just click the arrow in the box to see more options.


Click the arrow and choose your new search engine.


2 thoughts on “Change Search Engine In Microsoft Edge

  1. wow, thanks, I never would have found it. I selected DuckDuckGo. Good time to try ‘a new to me’ browser.
    I simply closed the browser after selection so hopefully my choice sticks.

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