Papyrus, The Word Processor For Authors

Papyrus is a free word processor specifically designed for writers. It’s available to download for Windows and Mac computers.

Even though it’s designed for writers and students, it’s also a great, fast word processor for the everyday user.

The developers say it works great for:

  • Letters
  • Memos
  • Emails
  • School assignments

The free version offers

  • Full Featured Word Processor
  • Grammar- and Spellcheck
  • Interactive Writer’s Thesaurus
  • Extensive Automated Backups
  • Compatible to MS Word
  • You’ll be able to save your work as a .doc, docx, or PDF file. Plus, it is absolutely free.

For serious writers, you’ll find:

  • Advanced Book Writing
  • Publish to ePub, Kindle Mobi or Print
  • Book Front Matter & Author Data Generation
  • Pinboard and Notes Next to the Text
  • Navigator with Chapters, Scenes and Events

There is a paid monthly version with a lot of features aimed at writers. You can compare those additional features by clicking here.

Let’s look at how to download and install. Start by heading to this link:

Click on Download.

Scroll down and choose the free download.

You have the option to create a free account now. You don’t have to do it to download. You will need to create one to use. I’d suggest doing it now.

Give your computer permission to download.

On a Windows PC, Papyrus will appear in the Downloads folder. Double-click to launch installation.

The installer will launch. Tick the box to agree with the terms and click Next.

Use the default installation folder or choose a custom one. I’d stick with the default. Then click Install.

Installation will take a few minutes.

Then choose Finish.

Papyrus is ready to use.

We’ll take a look at how Papyrus works soon.

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