Decorating Cookies from King Arthur Flour

top view of gingerbread cookies laid flat on a wooden table

Are you gifting cookies this year? Would you just like to make your cookies pretty? Well, if either is the case, you definitely want to check out this Cookie Decorating Guide from King Arthur Flour.

In my opinion, this is the ultimate cookie decorating guide. It walks you through the whole process from selecting a cookie recipe to a cookie decorating style.

Navigation is easy! Just scroll down the page through the different steps. First, select what type of cookie dough you want to make. Choose between butter cookies, gingerbread, spice, and oatmeal. There are even gluten-free sugar cookie and gingerbread options.

Once you pick out a recipe, you’ll learn how to make it and roll out the dough and choose the right type of cookie cutter.

Then it’s time for the fun stuff! Pick your decorating style and the expert at King Arthur Flour will walk you through frosting cookies, icing cookies, and sugaring cookies.

You’ll even find instructions to make a gingerbread house! Click the link below to get started.

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