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If you’re on the lookout for some new fonts to jazz up correspondence or web communication, I’ve got a great resource, Google Fonts.

There are1052 font families to choose from. Most of those families have multiple fonts, so you have thousands of choices.


Click More at the top right to see additional options.

Choose Featured fonts & icons to see which styles Google is putting the spotlight on.


Click Google Design for an incredibly informative library of information about typography.


You can browse for style or use the search filters to find just what you’re looking for.

Here I’ll narrow the category to Handwriting by unchecking the other categories.

These are the results. It narrows the field to 149 font families.


I can narrow the search further by adjusting the language, thickness, and width of the fonts.

These adjustments narrow the field to just 13.


Sort results by Trending, Most popular, Newest, or alphabetically.

Type your text in the box at the top and see how it will look in the box underneath the font.

You can adjust the size of the font to get an idea of what it looks like for different applications.

To select a font, click on it.

This page will open.

Choose Download family.

To download just one style of font or to choose multiple fonts to download, click Select this style.

The fonts you choose will be added to a list. You can remove any fonts you don’t want by clicking the minus sign next to the name.

When you’re ready to download, click Download all at the bottom.

Click here to visit Google Fonts:

Tomorrow,  I’ll show you how to install the downloaded fonts on your PC.

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