Windows Magnifier: Part 1

portrait photo of woman holding up a magnifying glass over her eye

Windows Magnifier is an accessibility tool that enlarges your screen making it easier to read.

To turn Magnifier on, press the Windows key + the Plus sign key (+). This tool will appear.

Press the + and – keys to adjust the magnification up to 1600 percent. Press Windows Key + Esc to close the magnifier.

There are multiple ways to customize the magnifier view. Let’s check out the options. Start by typing Ease of Access Settings into the search box in the start menu and click on the results.

Then choose Magnifier.

From here you can turn magnifier on and leave it on and also adjust the default magnification on your PC.

There’s also an option to have magnifier start automatically when you sign in or when anyone signs in. You can even invert the colors on the portion of the page that’s magnified.

Tomorrow, we’ll check our three different viewing options for Magnifer.

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