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black magnifying glass beside yellow pencil

Yesterday, I introduced you to Windows Magnifier, a handy accessibility option that makes it easier to read the screen. (Click here to read that article) Today, we’ll look at your three viewing options for Magnifier.

You can choose to have the full screen enlarged, just the portion you’re hovering the mouse over, or have a fixed spot where the magnified text and images display.

Let’s check out all three options. Press the Windows Key + the Plus key (+) and the whole screen gets bigger.

Press  Ctrl Alt L for the Lens view. Only the part of the screen where you hover the mouse will be enlarged.

Press Ctrl + Alt + D for Docked view. A stationary panel will display the magnified portion of the screen.

You can also type Ease of Access Settings into the search box in the start menu and click on the results.

Then choose Magnifier.

Scroll down to Change Magnifier view and pick your preferred setting. Press Ctrl + Alt + M to cycle through the views.

When Lens is selected, you can adjust the size of the lens with a slider bar.

Choose to have the magnifier follow the mouse pointer, keyboard, text cursor, or the narrator cursor.

There are many options that allow you to customize it to suit your preferences.

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