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Long before I entered college and my writing became all academic, I was a fairly prolific creative writer. Man academic writing just saps all the creativity out of you with its formal tone. Now that I’ve finished up my thesis, I want to dip my toes back into the creative writing pond, but I’m really stumped for ideas.

I did a search “i need a prompt for writing” and this site popped up! I clicked on the site not expecting much, but was very pleasantly surprised.

The site is easy to navigate. The writing prompt generator is front and center on the page. You can choose to search for a prompt or sort by Genre. This prompt focuses on Romance and Science fiction.

Those genres are broken down into sub-genres like Billionaires, Comedy, Children, Young Adult, and Steampunk. Just select a topic and click submit.

You can share the prompt via social media or email. This site also offers professional services for writers, but you don’t have to take advantage of them to enjoy this fun tool.



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