If you’ve ever kept a large database in Excel, you know that sometimes you end up with duplicates.  Here’s how you can find the duplicates and delete them. Let’s start with this list of names.

First, we’ll select the range of cells we want to search.

Under the Home tab, choose Conditional Formatting.

From the drop-down menu, choose Highlight cell values and then Duplicate values.


You can then choose how you’d like the those highlighted fields to look.


Here’s what it looks like with the duplicate fields highlighted.


I could remove the duplicates manually but there’s a quicker way. Just select the range of cells. Then click the Data tab at the top and choose Data tools.


Choose the icon for  Remove duplicates that I have circled below.


Then select the columns you want to delete the duplicates from.  This doesn’t matter with my list since I’m only using one column. Click OK.


Boom!  All of the duplicates are gone.