Have you ever wondered what the government is spending their budget on? Well now you can check out federal spending between 2000 and 2015  for yourself with this site.

Since the site is a lot of facts and figures, I’d recommend heading right over to the About the Data section (top right of the page) and see how the data is aggregated. There is even a handy Data Dictionary that can help you make heads or tails of the information you are looking at.

After that, navigation is easy. Use any of the tabs on the left side of the page to check out the different sections. The sections are home, contracts, assistance, and recovery.

Home – this tab will whisk you back to the home page.

Contracts – here you can check out spending dealing directly with government contracts. You can use the drop down boxes on the left as filters to narrow done the information you are looking for.

Assistance – here you can find out what the government has spent on assistance programs. These include loans, grants, insurance, and direct payments like social security.

Recovery – this section tracks a very specific area of spending. The information here is about the loans, grants, and contracts that were awarded under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

I think this sort of information is important to help us all be better educated about what our representatives are doing with our country’s money.