Sometimes it’s the basics that can throw us for a loop.

“What’s the procedure to opening a Windows 11 Microsoft Edge browser? My Norton security recently asked me to open my browser, and I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought if Online, the browser was open. Please advise. Thanks!”

First, let’s talk about when you’re using a browser. A browser is a program that allows you to navigate to websites and view their content. If you’re viewing a website, you’re using a browser. BUT, if by online you mean connected to the Internet, you aren’t necessarily using a browser. You can download updates, access email through an email client, or get alerts from Norton, all without having a browser open.

To open any browser, just double-click the icon for the program. Below, is what Edge looks like.

And below are the icons for Firefox and Chrome. The icons may be on your taskbar, desktop, or your start menu.

Once open, Edge will look like this. You’ll have a browser window like this open. What you see in the browser will depend on which web page you’re visiting.

But all browsers should show you the site you’re visiting at the top.


And offer you menu options.


I hope this helps clear things up.