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  1. The reviews on this version are not good. No longer free. Loaded with ads. After reading the reviews, I chose to not install the revised version of the app. Please find us a better one!

  2. My mother lives in Isle of Wight, Virginia. When I visit, I have mobile phone and internet service only if I am standing at a bedroom window or I go outside. Service is really bad in that area.

  3. Yeah, because I have “Pro,” so I have set the longest delays possible on the updates. That way, MS has time to patch the problems and patch the patches and patch the patches for the patches before I get hit with them!!!

    I read a bit of tech news here and there, and I don’t think the experiences being reported of stuff gone awry and run amok indicate much or any improvement. There’s always a fix awaiting roll-out for some mess or another.

  4. What are the symbols at the top of the page in each email for? Specifically the last from the right. While looking for Settings to unstack my email, I clicked on that and lost this email. I checked Trash, Spam and then searched and found it in the “CynMackey” labeled emails.
    Come to think of it that symbol looks kinda like an envelope. Now to get it back into the Inbox.

  5. So, if Dropbox does the same thing OneDrive does, I don’t really need it, do I? I’ve never understood Dropbox. I got OneDrive in order to sync with another computer in the house and I’m finding that it’s holding everything that’s on my computer, including my External Hard Drive. Then Dropbox came along and wanted me to install it – which I did. I was planning on writing to you, asking you to tell me just what Dropbox was for.

  6. Oh my gosh, Cyn – how can I ever thank you enough for showing me how to move my email page without it filling up the whole screen! I am happy beyond words! And it was SO simple to do, SO easy! I knew there just had to be a way but I never could find it. I’m learning more from you than I ever thought possible. I don’t remember how I found you but am ever so grateful that I did!

  7. OMG what fun this is! Who knew? I certainly didn’t, but now I can have a game site right near my email site! I didn’t know that I didn’t know about this little “trick”. My monitor isn’t large enough to have both websites up side by side, but now I can click on that little icon in the task bar (thanks for that tip, too!) and easily toggle back and forth between the two desktops. Whoopee!

  8. Many thanks for your help here. You have probably heard this a hundred times but here is 101, “Thank you for all you do for us and for being there to answer questions” Cheers from Alexandria Va., Don and Lacy Kula

  9. This helped me SOOO MUCH! I have looked all over the internet for help with this. This is finally the answer. Kudos to a WOMAN to figure out what we were saying and what we needed!

  10. I got this with the Edge browser. It took a reset to make it go away. When I restarted the browser it simply came back.


  11. 100% agree!
    My problem is with Google passwords. They are never correct even though I’ve just changed one and one isn’t enough for all my devices!

  12. This is a GREAT website Cyn, I particularly like the Birthday quotes. After I say Happy Birthday to someone, either in an email or on social media, that seems so inadequate. Greeting Cards have conditioned us to be more inspiring – and this one website really has a LOT of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Downloading videos or music for personal use is not piracy, therefor it is not illegal or breaking a law. To impose that upon people would be tyrannical and opposition to such a law would be important. Piracy is when you sell something that is not yours, downloading for personal use has been done for a long long time. That’s why radios have record buttons, VHS had record buttons, and DVR have record buttons. I’ll never understand these sheeple who say it’s illegal and wrong to download something for personal use.