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  1. i agree the repair option for this is not for a novice. However the laptop can and should be disassembled replacing the keyboard with new, and cleaning the motherboard with alcohol and a cue tip. I have done this very successfully a few times for friends and customers. Have replaced many broken keyboards over the years. Also the hard drive unless shorted out by the liquid is a sealed unit and should not have been affected by this spill.

  2. PS to your tip: Most people will want to check the button for “add search box to toolbar.” This will put a dedicated search bar in the upper right of your screen, pretty much where it always was in the olden days.

  3. Dear : How can I enter an envelope address into or where do I find it in Libre Office, or if that’s not possible where can I find a free program to print addresses on envelopes?

  4. I had a problem AFTER upgrading to Version 1909.Microsoft that left me hanging as a TEMP user, that did away with all the icons on my desktop & taskbar. Because I have Carbonite (and I couldn’t remember the term “Restore Point”) (elderly memory problems), I had Carbonite go in and bring back all my “stuff”. Well, that didn’t work, either, so I called them and had them get into my computer remotely and they found that TEMP problem. They removed that and everything was back the way it should have been. Sorry. Long answer that wasn’t connected at all to your reader’s problem. Just another Microsoft problem.

  5. I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. I may not remember all the details…. I was was notified my download was ready. I started it after dinner. I left the installation running when I went to bed. In the morning everything seemed normal but my version was still 1909 and my download awaited. My computer ran very slowly through the day. In the late afternoon I started the download/installation again and kept an eye on it.after hours it slowed down to virtually a halt at 91% (!) and after another hour or so it announced it was backing itself out! That took quite a while. I went looking for messages, and finally found one that said something was not ready for transfer. Wish I had written it down. Again my computer ran very slow; after a couple of reboots it got better. But now windows update tells me I am up-to-date, and when the next update is ready for my computer I will get it. I got a short update last week that installed without incident—but I still have 1909. I’ll just wait!

    Side note: while searching for information about my problem, I saw several Microsoft articles that mentioned some updates require administrator privileges to install. That floored me; I use a standard user account unless I’m doing something that specifically needs an administrator account. To my knowledge all my updates of Windows 10 have been installed from a standard user account.

  6. Cyn, I did what you advised to determine version of Windows in my pc and sent you result – version 1809. Then I got the slide in box again advising the upgrade. I set a time for it to run that evening at 11:00 pm. It didn’t. Later, the box again. I figured WTH, run it now. So I did. It ran to 91% and stalled again. I shut down and it removed everything it had downloaded (glad of that). Now my left corner options for shutdown are sleep; shut down; & restart. No more upgrade. So leaving well enough alone and not worrying about upgrade to anything – until it comes on again. Still wondering why it stalls at 91% though. Maybe the same as the fellow who replied. Let me know if anyone finds out why. Trish

  7. What happened to the PDF Converter you recommended many years ago, that I have been using daily since you recommended it? I have produced so many PDFs they keep asking me to upgrade to a more professional version. I don’t need professional, only reliable. Thanks for these anyway. Trish

  8. Dear Cyn. M, What Program can / Do I choose to Open up & Save the Reliability Report on My Laptop?

  9. It would be wonderful if your directions for USING favorites channel was correct. Sadly, it is not. I have what’s on my Pluto and it comes up with a page saying welcome to Pluto TV and then in a list it says account update email change password logout help and support which by the way is useless contact support also useless privacy policy terms of use. It never comes up to a page where it says control your Pluto TV. activate edit, channels, remote, settings

  10. Love the Iconic painting of Mona Lisa wearing a Face Mask.
    BZ to the Person or Persons who thought of the idea.
    By the way, BZ in Naval Parlance / Flag Flying Language to another Land or Sea Going Vessel = Bravo Zulu.

  11. It just never hurts anyone to go over these Phishing Scams.
    Even I after seeing all the Scam Emails possible, will Bite when I see that a Service (especially a Financial one) will be closed Due to (whatever reason) the Email says.

    I pause from the initial Panic, Look at the Email once more CAREFULLY.

    A. Look for Common Misspelling of any words to determine its validity. Like these for example;

    absence – absense, absance
    category – catagory
    foreign – foriegn …….etc.

    B. Think about the Company itself & Determine why they would Email this to Me in the First place, especially if it has a Misspellings between the American & English English (better said American & European) versions of spelling certain words, e.g. calendar – calender.

    C. Copy & Paste the Original Email received & send it to Phishing Scams for that particular Company;, e.g. eBay, Financial Institutions, PayPal, QVC, Xoom…

    D. Ignore the Phishing Scam & Report it as SPAM

    So thanks again Cyn for posting

  12. One thing I learned while dealing with these fake PayPal messages is that a legitimate PayPal email will address you by NAME… and not just “customer”. That’s the first dead giveaway for me that this is yet another phishing attempt.

  13. If you use the free version of Foxit Reader as your default, you can go to “Print” from the Docx file and print then Foxit printer and save and the conversion is done. In Foxit Reader you can also get signatures (touch screen) for forms.

  14. CYN I get calls 4 or 5 times a day from someone using a “FAKE” number and when I answer they NEVER speak to me. I’m wondering is there a way for me to track or trace them to find out who this is as it has been going on for almost a year. I went to my local POLICE but they couldn’t help.

  15. Not being that literate when it comes to computer terms, what’s the difference between converting a word document to PDF or html?

  16. Always appreciate your comments on these scams. I’ve received the same one from ‘Amazon” many times over the last 6 weeks.

  17. What a sad site this is. Cooking for one brings up lonlieness and sadness. Cooking should be shared and enjoyed by all.
    I am almost 70 years old and in these times (Covid 19) make homemade sausage rolls and pasties … even soups and flans and share them out with older people in our street.

    I was involved in catering for several years as a job and recognise that some older people cannot cook so I do it for them … They get fed … I get friendships.

    Never cook for one … think about others who might be starving and feed them as well.

    1. I don’t think there’s anything sad about treating yourself like you matter. I enjoy cooking for a lot of people myself but there times when you may only have yourself to cook for and you matter, too.