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  1. On 22nd May I had a similar pop-up warning from Microsoft (ha, ha!). As well as the pop-up there was a voice with the warning about calling and not trying to close or restart computer. I tried to paste below the screen grab I took at the time, but no luck in pasting.

    I was using Avast Secure Browser and closed the tab by going to the tab to the left, rt-clicking and choosing “close tabs to right”.

  2. This is my second attempt to post this comment. I posted the two paragraphs below yesterday, but my remarks have not appeared here. Will this attempt be successful?

    On 22nd May I had a similar pop-up warning from Microsoft (ha, ha!). As well as the pop-up there was a voice with the warning about calling and not trying to close or restart computer. I tried to paste here the screen grab I took at the time, but no luck in pasting.

    I was using Avast Secure Browser and closed the tab by going to the tab to the left, rt-clicking and choosing “close tabs to right”.

  3. I’m all for doing away with security questions and password hints. For starters, there’s so much easily accessible information out there about everyone that I don’t think it’s all that difficult to find the answers to the security questions. Recall, that’s how Sarah Palin’s email account was hacked. Some people put a lot of information in their social media profiles (I don’t have any).
    And then, some companies have lists of questions that have no answers in my life (e.g., name of my dog, where I was married, name of oldest child). So, I always either lie or am forced to make up answers. Then, of course, I can’t remember what answers I selected, and I can’t find the paper I doodled them on, so I have to call customer service anyhow. I find 2-factor authentication to be awkward because I don’t have a phone that gets text messages. Some companies will make voice calls or send an email, but some are really horse’s butts about it. Many, especially financial institutions, seem to have veiled 2-factor authentication because some awkward method is required in the first instance, but then you can “claim” the device and a cookie is set. This works OK until housecleaning, when I delete all the cookies and have to start over. Some businesses that require security questions or invoke password hints shouldn’t bother because there’s nothing sensitive to find out. What really bugs me is businesses that store credit card information by default. I suppose hackers could find how purchases were paid for in any event, but for sure it’s gotta’ be simple if you leave it sitting there. I never store credit card information on merchant web sites, even if I am a regular customer. If it is stored by default, about which I always object, I go into my profile after I have checked out and delete the payment method.

  4. I’d like to add to the information you provided concerning the antenna. Being able to watch all the local stations depends solely on the placement of the antenna. You may not be able to watch all the available stations, especially if you happen to live in an apartment complex. When I lived upstairs I could pickup all the local stations, but when I moved from a North facing unit to a South facing one I can’t watch the Fox station.
    The location of the station’s tower affects whether you may receive from it or not.
    Also note management probably won’t allow you to install any antenna that has to be installed on the roof or other surfaces.
    I’m glad I switched! Cable companies charges are ridiculous! With my former ISP I was billed in advance, but the month they charged me a $10.00 late fee for a three (.03) underpayment I knew I couldn’t allow that kind of treatment!
    For internet I use my phone’s hot spot.
    You may want to try an antenna before you cut the cord.
    Good job Cynthia.

  5. Just wanted to pass on some helpful info on the question featured in the 6/13 tech email. Certain apps working in Chrome. I have been a user of Ublock add block for several years. before that I used the most often known app, adblock. I switched to Ublock because of doing research to see ratings and comparisons on the 2 different apps. Anyway, Ublock is now available for Chrome

  6. Hi Cyn –

    After downloading the Library extension, having seen it in yesterday’s newsletter, I was anxiously awaiting today’s e-mails from Bookbub and Earlybird books in order to try it out. I must have done something wrong, because when I open it, nothing happens until I click on it, then I get a login request When I downloaded the app I saw no field to enter a username or password. I checked back on your article and see nothing which I might have done differently. The app tells me it is up to date. How do I find the step I must have missed in order to make it operative? I hope your crystal ball is working.

    Courteously and sincerely,

    Fred Brenner

  7. Hi, Cyn –

    Please disregard the above as when I opened Earlybird books today and clicked an a particular book, there appeared a box labeled Library Extension saying that the book was not available in BCCLS (Bergen County Community Library Service – my local library group association.) Wow! I cannot remember the last time I was so impressed. MAGIC!!! The app is the greatest and you are to be revered for bringing it to your faithful readers. Thank you so much!

    Cordially and sincerely,

    Fred Brenner

  8. I am using Windows 7. The “Play system sounds” under my Advanced tab reminded me of something I did many years ago in the office where I worked. It was dial-up days, and we had only one computer connected to the Internet. Everyone used it for that purpose, and we did everything else on our own machines. That machine was turned on each day by whoever had to use it first.

    I fixed it so that the opening default Windows sound was replaced by a woman who was cackling hysterically and the shutting down sound was replaced by snoring. It was amusing to watch the reactions of various bosses and employees, and most of us got a kick out of it.

    However, the boss who was the office manager did not find it amusing. Since he didn’t know how to get the default sounds back, he removed the speakers attached to the computer.

  9. My email subscription to WorldStart fell into that trap. When my emails stopped arriving, I contacted WorldStart and my (then) ISP. That ISP told me they had received multiple complaints and thus had blocked the WS emails. I was able to get them unblocked, but it meant that everything else that had been blocked was also allowed through.

  10. I agree, totally…but did I also read in one of your posts how we can setup our individual pcs where we don’t have to login on them each time we open it to use?
    Want to share this that I just found…when I searched in my gmail for all email from you Cynthia it all came up, but only the weekly ones, not each individual email…didn’t know if you are aware of this.
    Y’all B blessed.

  11. Good advice. I need to heed it for myself, also.

    Cyn, I have a question for you. What is a Wireless-N USB Adapter? One of my subscription people sent it to me sometime ago as a freebie, it’s been in the drawer for a couple of years now, I’ve never used it. Because I don’t know what it’s for! It’s still in its original hard plastic coffin. No instructions with it.

    Also regarding USB.This HP All-In-One has USB 3 ports. I tried using one of my old USB 2 thumb drives in order to have Microsoft install its newest OS (1903?) and it wasn’t recognized. I guess that means I need to get a 32 Gig USB 3 thumb drive. Which got me to wondering; just what is this USB Adapter I have?

    Thanks in advance, for your excellent explanation!


  12. Wow!! This is great. I have been wondering about this very thing. I have changed the browser and I’m basically familiar with going through the different options. I like to explore the settings options. That is how to learn navigating.The problem is; What do I pick and if it’s ok. Win 10 would prefer we stick with their defaults. I have seen different references to that affect. Before WIN 10, Media Player was it for playing music. Would there be any reason why I couldn’t choose that instead of Groove? And also, what about playing videos, like youtube, or inserted videos in news emails. How to analyze that function and what works best for that. Thanks

  13. Thanks. Had the same problem along with my phone showing there were no updates, but in conversation with a tech, he got the latest update going. I expect to keep seeing problems because I seem to be Google dominated and trying to navigate that swamp is not how I want to live my life.

  14. Amanda how you find such topics is mystifying, however they come at oportun times. Focus is a big issue currently and I appreciate this particular item.

  15. What a surprise to learn the phones don’t work as you’ve described. I have had a replacement phone for two weeks and it’s very different from my previous two phones which were quite stable. No functions work as previously. it’s very touch sensitive, shuts itself off constantly, chugs battery usage and so on. I’ve checked settings. when I got this phone it functioned differently right away so called Verizon. There really wasn’t an explanation of what was happening. They said the phone was fine it went through its checks and checked out fine. It is a refurbished phone.

  16. How very timely, I was just about to ask you if there is a way to do dictation with my computer. Hooray. Sometimes my thoughts come faster than I can type. I’m working on family history and it’s difficult to keep a flow and dictating makes a smoother process.

  17. Not a question, just a comment:

    I transitioned from Win 7 to Win 10, I guess a couple years ago. I wanted to stay on Win 7, but I had a new computer that came with Win 10. My guru who helped with out of box set up told me this computer was “purpose-built” for Win 10, and running Win 7 on it (as a dual boot) wouldn’t work out all that well. I don’t know whether he was right or wrong on that point, but finally I just took his advice and went with Win 10.

    I didn’t find it all that difficult to learn. After you’ve been through however many OS, you get to adapting pretty quickly. (I started with computers long before Win, but my first Win computer was 3.1 for Workgroups. Then came all the rest.)

    So, as you mourn, if you are, don’t worry about the learning curve. The big downside to “Windows as a Service” is update issues. I have Pro, so I now have a little more control than the people on Home. But I’ve been through a lot of problems, with many incidents of needing to reinstall destroyed peripheral drivers, apps being deleted or reconfigured beyond recognition, and so on. If you haven’t been faithful about your backups, start now. The most recent update for me installed a new version of the scan and fax app. I lost all my accounts, settings, contacts, and my saved inbox docs. Although I had to reconstruct the configuration and lost my contacts, I was able to recover my inbox from my backup. Also, the crapware burden is nigh unto overwhelming. I have no idea what some of the apps being loaded are even supposed to do, no time to look up what all of them are, and some of them cannot be uninstalled.

    So, ya’ll have fun out there!