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  1. I have caller ID, so it’s easy to know if a call is legitimate. My favorite is “Line One, you’re on the air! What’s your name and where are you calling from?” *click*
    Then there’s the foreign-voiced caller who tells me there’s a problem with Windows. I can do 5 minutes or more on how my contractor has been waiting for them, I ordered them a month ago, I can’t get construction done without them, and where the hell are they anyway?
    Finally there’s the classic “I’m so glad to hear your voice…I’ve been so lonely. Nobody cares about me, if I live or die…” This one usually keeps them on the line for at least 5 minutes because they’re afraid to hang up!

  2. I have caller ID and when I don’t recognize the #, I don’t pick up. Then, I block that call by pressing the star or tone key and dialing 60. From there, after being acknowledged by blocking company, I press the pound key, dial in the number to be blocked, and then hit the pond key again.

  3. Thanks a lot for that info, Cyn. You always make me learn something new and I appreciate it. I’m glad I found you!

    1. Unfortunately Connie, it wouldn’t matter which search engine you used n this case. The websites themselves are sharing the information with Facebook not some third-party tracker.

  4. I’m not seeing your posts on Facebook anymore…in fact I’m not getting much of anything other than ads anymore, no matter how often I try blocking them.
    Any advice?

  5. I am a fierce advocate for online privacy – while nothing is perfect, I love Brave Browser for its ability to block most ads and tracking cookies. It’s easily controlled: so if a website doesn’t work correctly, users can selectively turn off the blockers. Brave is based on Chrome, so the Chrome extensions work. I’m testing Dissenter Browser, which is based on Brave but fights against internet censorship: for example, by allowing users to comment on ANY website… even those that block comments. All my web activity goes through Private Internet Access VPN, which is super easy to set up and use. Great articles, Cyn!

  6. Being tracked on lne becomes scarier every day.

    And, as I read your comments, FB would track me even if I didnt have a FB ACCOUNT. Is that correct? What then might be done with collected info on my internet activity? Does FB sell it, store it, or, otherwise manipulate this collected data?

  7. Under the heading Your Facebook Information, I see no subheading for Off Facebook Activity. I have looked repeatedly. Help. Thank you.

  8. I was told about an AP on W10 called SNIP. I opened it but that is as far as I got. Can you help me with how to use SNIP? Thank You for your column and such useful information.

  9. Most concerning is the fact that we can’t stop it. While I logged out of Facebook December 31, 2018 with no intention of going back, I haven’t found a suitable replacement for Messenger yet. In October 2019 I deactivated my Facebook account: but if I delete the account, I lose Messenger. Everything related to “Facebook” (including a half-dozen system apps) have been deleted or disabled from my Android phone – but unless I kill Messenger, I’m stuck in Zuckerworld. I may end up telling my contacts there to text or email me, and kill it off anyway.