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  1. Can you please advise whether Libre Office or Open Office is better? Which is your favorite? Thanks, Kris

  2. OH! I think I’ve “got it” now! Did you ever drench the board yourself? Great little time-waster, thanks!

  3. I was very excited to find this information. I can’t figure out though how to lock the alphabetical order. I also lose the sub-folders into the alphabetical list.
    It’s March 6, 2021

  4. Cyn

    I’d like to tell you about the weather app I use called Wunderground. Probably you already know of it but it is an alternative to AccuWeather.

  5. Thanks, Cyn. That explanation on the cloud, and cloud storage was the most helpful I’ve ever read! Much appreciated!

  6. I have known about this program for years and I run this on every new PC I have and also later after adding programs and devices. If anything happens I have all my information on one or two sheets. Love it.

  7. I started with OpenOffice (OO) as a replacement for MS Office (MSO) many years ago. I switched to LibreOffice (LO because…I’m not sure why. I have a vague recollection that there were complaints about changes of policy in OO that made some folk break away and start LO, but I don’t have any real data on that. I’m quite happy with LO; as I recall, I was quite happy with OO, and with MSO when I was using it. I think user guides for MSO are better than those for OO and LO, but I use DuckDuckGo to search for suggestions about what I want to do, and that always works well. All of that says pretty much what you said, Cyn!. Only difference is age; I’m ninety. Actually, I started with WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3….

  8. I don’t want most of my saved documents in the One Drive cloud. I save them under This Pc, then Documents. However, they also are saved to the cloud. How do I stop this from happening?

  9. I’ve used Firefox as some variation (usually the latest version) since it was called Netscape. Don’t plan on changing unless it becomes unusable.

  10. I still like MS-DOS. It did quite a lot AND it did it correctly. My real preference is Basic Assembly Language (BAL) on the RCA Spectra 70. Then, I was the Wizard behind the curtain.

  11. Can you comment on calls on cell phones such as : Did not answer the phone but voice mail
    left saying to click 1 to speak to an federal agent. or you will be charged over $400 for a subscription that you know you never had, if you don’t respond to the phone call.

    Love your weekly tips.

  12. First off the messenger icon is on my top left on the screen, not the right. Next I don’t get the “Send All In Messenger or Mark All As Read. Should I just dump the old messenger and start over?

  13. I got the free Libre Office several years ago because I had several files on my external hard drive that I set up years ago in Adobe’s Pagemaker that I wanted to open and convert over to a newer format. Pagemaker had died while I wasn’t watching! Couldn’t find a way to do that until someone (maybe it was you, Cyn!) suggested using Libre Office. It worked! So now I keep an updated version of Libre Office for all of my letter-writing and various office-type files. It’s perfect! And best of all, it’s free!

  14. I read the book a while back. I liked it enough to buy couple of your other books. I admit I like the new cover better, even though I like clowns.

  15. I am trying to find one that has the screen protector built into the case for the Samsung A51, but none of the sites you both have posted show them.

  16. Hi Cyn,
    Thanks for your newsletter. I am still enjoying it after nearly four years?
    The comment that the mechanic down the road would not detect a fault brought to mind an episode that you might find amusing.
    I had a phone call from my cardiologists office to say that I had not been feeling well the last couple of days. It was true! I had no idea why.
    I have a pacemaker that is wirelessly connected to a server in his office. It is usually used to detect breakdowns in the system, but someone noticed that I had been fibrillating too often. They called me in, adjusted my meds. All good.

  17. That’s So Cool, having the Tabs on the side…..
    I’m telling you, Microsoft Edge is going to become Every ones Browser here one of these Days!

  18. This must be a setting on newer model phones? My phone is 2 years old and don’t have that setting. I set mine to silent between 10 and 7. my settings go from advanced and the next option is battery/device care

  19. Thanks for that link, Cyn. I am 90 and needed this to leave for my family, it’s something they should do when I am no longer here, along with notifying my email buddies. Everyone should do this.