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  1. Cyn, will you also be talking about LibreOffice? I got OpenOffice years ago, and then a group split off from them and started LibreOffice. As I recall, the LibreOffice folk were concerned about user considerations the OpenOffice were adopting, but I don’t remember the details at all. All I know is that I made the switch to LibreOffice, and found it to be very similar. I would be interested in a comparison between these two in their current versions,

    Thanks again for all you do for users, and a special thanks for the information on USB ports you sent me!

    John Anderson

  2. Hi, Love this option. It seems I’m unable to install Apache Open Office 4.1.6 Win.x86 install. Error message is: this isn’t an app from the MS store. In the app store it’s indicated that the program is ‘unofficial.’ Keeping in mind that it’s not a good idea to install apps of dubious origins, is it ok to download the unofficial version from the app store?

    I have an HP Pavilion, i7 core, 8th generation

  3. In our first year things happened? Now, your offer to download your guide for Windows 10 is offered? Please explain where we begin?

  4. The information you presented here is great background info on the bait-and-switch technique. It seems the bait-and-switch technique will follow us through time.

      1. What could I be doing wrong? I opened a blank word document, typed some text then 3 dashes. Got the text and 3 dashes.

        Tried on a blank line and 3 dashes = 3 dashes. same with 3 = and 3 #

        Could there be a setting in Options that I do not have set correctly?

  5. Well done, Cyn! This really brings me up to speed on connectors, and will make evaluation of a new computer much more thorough. I appreciate what you do!

  6. You asked about browsers: I have been running Opera and Firefox, about half and half, for at least a couple years. My geek who helped me with out-of-box set up for my current computer recommended Opera for my 2nd browser. (As you know, everyone needs at least 2 browsers, in case one of them cr*ps out.) I like both of them. Both are clean and fast, with a lot of good features. One of the things I like about both of them is their distance from the “Biggies.” They aren’t trying to search everything I do for ad targeting. Obviously, the sites I visit are, but those aren’t coming from the browser. I guess I still have IE, for now, because it’s buried somewhere in Edge. I haven’t used it for years. Rarely, I use Edge. I do not have Chrome. I try to stay away from Google, although of course it’s impossible.

  7. I’m not a computer whiz, geek or even a savvy one, but the little bit I had learned seems to be in another language on Windows 10! I’m lost and it’s a shame that this version has to be so complicated! Re updates I read install this, uninstall that from the last update…all without any help available in the software itself! Now I have to go online to find help? I can’t even do that anymore!
    No, I’m not a fan of this product and at 80 won’t live long enough to learn just the basics.

    1. Keep the faith and don’t get discouraged. Maybe find a more savvy friend. I help out a few friends and folk around the neighborhood. There are reliable programs (such as TeamViewer) that will allow someone else to operate your computer from anywhere. (I once had tech support for one of my apps repairing my situation remotely, from Switzerland.) I am not stuck very often, but if I am, I have a couple really expert friends to whom I give remote access if they can’t just tell me what to do. You are older than I, but not by much ….

  8. Just FYI: In my circle, and they are all different, the “free trials” and what all that are loaded on a new computer are referred to as “foistware.” Unrequested apps from other sources are “crapware.” Just to round out my dictionary, programs that are no longer supported but still widely in use are “abandonware.” And stuff that’s always about to be developed is “vaporware.”

  9. I’m sorry for Barbara. I am 80 in a couple of weeks and I find Win 10 the best operating system yet. While I am no longer a teenager and looking for games to play to pass the time and interfere with my studying, I find the inovations in Win 10 very helpful. Whether we are young or old, we need to embrace change and look for the good things in the change.

    There are so many new things that Win 10 offers that are helpful in doing projects, writing or playing our “solitaires” that if we take the time to explore them and use our computers as a tool and not just an email and Facebook machine we will find our expenditure worthwhile.

    Explore and be positive!


  10. Many thanks for posting this one, Cyn! I’m just using a new computer that I bought and I’m sure there are lots of things on here that need to be deleted. I just didn’t know where to start or what to look for. Your tip came at just the right time, thanks!

  11. FTC punted. This is a slap on the wrist for Facebook and an insult to users/consumers. $5 Billion sounds like a crippling fine… but it represents a very small fraction of Facebook’s total annual revenue. I logged off Facebook on December 31st 2018, uninstalled all Facebook services from my phone… and I haven’t missed it at all. On December 31st 2019, I will delete all my data and close the account. There IS life without Zuck snooping around every corner of our lives and selling that information to the highest bidder.

  12. What do you dislike about Groove Music? I’ve used various music players but currently use Groove Music. I don’t do anything elaborate with a music player. Perhaps that why have no complaint with Groove Music.

  13. OhBoy, Cyn! You sent this JUST in time! I’ve been trying to sync my new computer downstairs, with the one that is upstairs and One Drive was recommended. I was just getting ready to write to you, asking for help with this! Your explanation is PERFECT, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  14. Hi, Cyn, Thanks for covering this topic.

    Previously, I followed these steps with the anticipation of taking my birth year out of FB. I finally changed the year to something irrelevant and locked both date/month and year. The message displayed is : Note: This is the last time you will be able to change your birthday. Because of previous selections, I now cannot allow friends to see my birthday month and date. I locked both before I realized what the outcome would be.

    COuld you shed light on why FB doesn’t allow me to change my info?

  15. Hi Patricia.
    Good choice … I to use Opera & Firefox as my browsers but the other way round, Opera being my first Browser Firefox my Second Choice. I just LOVE the Speed dial option on Opera, and am forever adding sites to it. I have been using Opera as my main Browser for almost 10 years now. and yes I am the person who kept asking for Opera to be reviewed.

    The Review taught me a few things I did not know about Opera so well done CYN 🙂

  16. I’m 86 and have lived through many generations of mainframe and PC software. When it comes to Windows and its related applications, I’ve observed that the unstated guide for software design is to make difficult tasks easy. The effect of this it seems is to make the easy things difficult. Over the years,Microsoft has followed this roadmap, consciously or not. What I miss from Windows (and related programs) is some way to initially “Cut the Crap”.