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  1. If you are a subscriber to Mafee, as I am,, then there are other tricks they employ as well, only one of which is constant annoying pop-ups to renew.

    Whats another good anti-virus package? I’m considering Norton, which I’ve had previously.

  2. Hi Cyn, I’ve had an amazon Kindle for years. I just wanted to let you know that if the book you bought, rented or borrowed gets into your Kindle library you can read it on any device that has the kindle app on it. My library still has all the books on it that I had bought for Dad and he had a kindle reader but I can read them on my phone, tablet or PC. I often look up a recipe on my PC but access the book on my phone because its easier to follow a recipe on the phone, since I can take that to the kitchen. You don’t have to download it to a specific device except to get the book into your library. Sharen

  3. I’ll just stay with my Emisisoft. It’s done a darn good job keeping me safe now for over 5 years or more.

  4. I wonder why you thought it was legitimate. I tried putting the website in my address bar and it said you don’t have permission to access this server. The 2nd time, it said the requested url not found on this server.

  5. Yes, I’m VERY interested in Linux. Right now I have a desktop I’m running Win10 on, but I have an older Sony Vaio laptop I plan to get a SSD for, and I’ll probably install Linux on it. How would I go about formatting a new SSD with Linux?

  6. Hm, I ‘m not finding any links in the article to the readings. I’ve tried a number of link options however, am returned to the same page. What am I missing?

  7. Dear Cyn,
    This is a wonderful article, but what if I want to get back to the defaults, You didn’t mention it.

  8. YES the same thing happened to me. To share problems can sometimes help another person. So that is a good thing. it might be that there could me other people experiencing the same thing. I always make a practice of checking settings Thank you for sharing

  9. Hi Cynthia, I was going to email you a copy of my daily email from PayPal. As per your advice I looked at the mailing origination and each day it was a different address

  10. I agree with the other comments. there’s no way to edit desktop app on Chrome! Very frustrating after reading this article skla may shun point

  11. I received that phishing e-mail. I checked my account. I then asked to call me. I received a call immediately. Amazon confirmed that the e-mail had not been sent by Amazon and sent me a link to submit the phishing e-mail to its fraud department.

    Immediately after I checked my account, I received an e-mail and a text which perhaps did come from Amazon. I copy posted both e-mails into a e-mail to Amazon’s fraud department.

  12. Speaking of the desktop, has anyone figured out how to keep your icons to stay in place like they used to? I have wasted more time putting icons back where I want them. And then there is the problem of disappearing icons. Sometimes I find them using the Search. Other times I have to go to my backup and recover them that way. I think a few times they ended up in the Recycle Bin due to what I call the magnetic icon problem.When icons get attached to each other and go to places they don’t belong. Hope you understand what I mean.
    I only got Windows 10 when I had to this year. I don’t think I have ever had as many problems with any other computer I have had with this one.

  13. This can also be done by right clicking your task bar, clicking on Task Manager and then clicking on the Startup tab where you can sort these apps by Name, Publisher, Status and Startup impact. Using the Task Manager for this also lets you right click on the app which gives you the additional options to Open file location, Search the app online and the Apps Properties.

  14. I used to use Word Pad all the time some time ago and loved it. Then it changed somewhat. You used to be able to hit the Enter key and it would single space. Now it double spaces. I know you can change that but it doesn’t stay that way. Every time you type a new message, it goes back to a double spacing – ridiculous. Is there any way to keep it at single spacing without having to change it every time you type a new document?

  15. I tell them my computer is working ok. Listen closly. I then play the sound of a siren I have downloaded. Don’t get a lot of call backs.

  16. From your 12/22/20 issue…..

    My Samsung Galaxy S8+ has Location turned on. However, there is another setting: Find My Mobile In that setting, Remote controls and Google location service are turned on.

    What’s the difference between Location and Find My Mobile?

    Thank you!


  17. Dear Cyn::Is the Apache word / office program compatible with Windows 10 ?”Thanks for the help you have sent, but one quick question. How do I get an Icon onto bookmark Bar itself. I am using Yahoo, with Windows10, 64 bit. My bank info is saved in bookmark file but does not appear on the bar itself. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. Thanks George Birth

  18. Glad to read about the Kindle storage for the kindle e-books. My question which is better to download the free books directly to my Kindle HD 10 or my kindle cloud reader? Or does it make any difference. I was worried about overloading my kindle with the numerous books I have downloaded free.

    Thank you

  19. When I entered the wake-up time at and clicked Calculate, nothing happened.

    Cyn, you don’t leave a comment link for the last item in your newsletters

  20. Thanks, but I always get voicemail messages from a number that doesn’t show up in my recent calls list. I’ve tried adding that number to my Block list, but it gets through nevertheless. Any way to stop that from happening? I even installed Robokiller, and for two weeks it stopped. But, it’s at it again. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

  21. Twelve links in the article.
    Eleven of them go to about:blank.
    Ditto “Photo by Unsplash” at end of article.


  22. Hi, Cyn, have you covered how to cast from pc to tv? 

    I have a smart tv, however, I watched youtube videos on casting to tv from pc and observed that it wasn’t easy.  Any suggestions?

  23. I use lines from old popular songs, preferably ones that have some connection with the site. For instance, the name of one credit card had a connection in my mind with an old phonograph record company, and the major star who recorded with them. So I took the first letters of one of his hugely successful songs, capitalizing some, and adding the numbers of the address I lived at, at the time it was popular. Then in my “code list” I wrote down a clue which I would remember but which would mean nothing to anyone else. Works for me!