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  1. Ask a question for virus, etc didn’t work so am asking here. What do you mean by ‘stand alone’ and what kind of damage do they do and how do we know if we have one or the other. What do we look for. If we have a virus etc protection how do we get one or more of these? And if they can sneak by the protection programs why have them? Thanks, Trish

  2. Tagging on to the Office 2019 question, we have a laptop and a PC. We want to install 2019 on both devices. I am a little confused over the wording on the 2019 boxes. Which version can be loaded on two computers?

  3. Son-of-a-Gun, Cyn – how did you know I needed that URL? I’ve been looking for something like that every since I got my Kindle a few months ago. That Cloud has always confused me – am I allowed to put as many books in there as I want to? I by-pass many free ones that are offered that I’d like to read, afraid that I’d get too many stacked up, There is no limit in this Cloud? I would appreciate any Kindle news , old or new, that you come up with. I’m still learning how to use it. And THANK YOU! You really made me happy!

  4. A dear lady friend received the old one – your computer is locked and to get it unlocked you have to send $300.00 immediately. She actually sent a check. Fortunately she called me soon after, I told her to call her bank immediately explain she had been scammed and wanted to cancel the check. She was too ashamed to do it until I coaxed her into it. She’d just lost her beloved husband. This lady is very smart, but easily dupped. She’s computer smart too, so should have know better, but was taken unaware, as most elder folks would be. I’m glad I was able to coax her to have the check cancelled. Trish

  5. I got suckered into the gift card scam. I reported it to the police and about 8 months later I got an email from the DA in New York that I was part of a lawsuit against the guy and he ended up going to jail. I did not get any money back but I learned my lesson: DON’T PAY FOR ANYTHING WITH GIFT CARDS!!!!!!

  6. After reading the story from the veteran’s widow, 10 minutes later, literally, I received the following email which I copied and pasted the text only (no links were added) to this comment box. I wanted you and your readers to see just how blatant these criminals are. Their use of the English language and grammar are dead giveaways also. I am thankful that I trust no one when they send emails regarding services I never used.

    This is the email I received.
    deepa chawla
    Thu, Sep 3, 4:25 AM (2 days ago)
    to djalex, chchisolm1, me, leedchmus

    Hi User,

    You got this mail because our pc secure aid on your pc has been expired today.

    Sir, We are thankful to you for using our aid from last 3 years, we hope you enjoyed our service. But today our aid on your pc has expired, Our department had tried too many times to contact you but we could not make any connection with you.

    As today our service has expired it will auto-renew over your pc today with an amount of $489.37 with your bank account logged in with us for next 3 years

    The invoice and new license key will be send on your email addeess with in 24 hours.

    If you have any query or want cancel this producr reach our technical department toll free no given below.

    Systemos technical dept.

  7. I get so ticked off when I go to a web site (like Google in this case), it shows my password then tells me my password has been changed so many days ago. NO IT HASN’T. In that case, I have to end up changing it AGAIN. What a pain

  8. Excellent Post Cyn M.
    Where do I go to Post a Question to you about the Word Program in Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019
    When I save the Word Format, it sometimes gets saved in a Editing Mode❓

  9. I too use Incredimail with this same issue. There are many email clients that have the same issue and not just IM or Outlook. It’s happened on Thunderbird and Mailspring. I think it’s just some kind of flaw in the program itself. Just by hitting forward you still can’t read the whole email. You actually have to forward it to yourself or go to the online version of your mail and read it there. Many companies will say if you can’t view this email read it online here (with a link), however, that only works if that is stated at the top of the email. Stupid companies will put that at the bottom which is redundant since you can’t get to the bottom to see it.

  10. Hi Cyn, and THANKS for your good works! You might want to include MS Edge in your list of other browsers. I have switched to it from Chrome (and thrown in Duck Duck Go as a search engine) and find it works virtually like Chrome…but with considerable less advertising or pushing certain vendors in searches. It’s fast and simple!

  11. Just read this email and altho I’m 82 and never had children, I want to commend you for sharing this for those who do have children. I think it’s wonderful that you would post something like this. You do a great job at what you’re doing. Thank you.

  12. I have been getting text msg for over a month and Emails Not only for the Postal but reduced weight. Also other things all summer. I block the Text numbers they just use a different number. My account and system were all hack back in May. They even tried to transfer my phone and my wife’s phone to Sprint I had to change my bank account and credit cards. Notify fraud government department and the three other ones like Experian. They tried to get credit card in Delaware and Ohio.

  13. My page is still the same but I guess they will get around to me. I’m also seriously thinking of switching over to Parler and Gab as Facebook is censoring so many posts.

  14. In the old Facebook we were able to delete messages. It appears not to be possible any more. I am not sure they removed the option but I get a number of “friends” who use messenger to send videos that I won’t open and don’t want to remain as part of this process.

    Are you aware of anyway to delete unwanted messages?

  15. Depending on your operating system: click “Run” in the Start Menu, or simultaneously press the Windows key and “R” to open the “Run” dialog box
    Type in the command outlook.exe /resetnavpane (note the blank space) into the text field and confirm it by pressing “OK”
    Start Outlook

  16. Cyn: Another topic similar to phone scams are the phishing email scams. I receive about the same no. of them a day like your phone scams. Thanks for your informative emails.

  17. Thank you so much for this idea! The “old” Google browser automatically did that. Google Chrome doesn’t. I checked settings and there is a box to specify where to download files. Saving all those downloads slowed down my computer. I assumed I could delete them once they were saved in a folder, but thought I should check. Thank you making this easier. 🙂

  18. This is terrible … as a small child (Many years ago) I had encountered many Hedgehogs at our home. They are lovely little Animals but totally wild and happy without human contact. In fact human contact will normally cause the Hedgehog to curl into a ball (Protective instinct).

    I have always loved Hedgehogs .. But they are not PETS … They are very active at night (When you are asleep) …. let then live their lives and stick to cats or dogs for pets.