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  1. My “God Mode” does NOT say anything till you Click to open it up?

    Then I see this C:\Users\postr\Destop\RussMode.

    Is this Normal, or better yet, where did I go wrong?

  2. Cyn, were you aware they are in England. It appears you purchase the items you edit? But I asked them that question, so will wait for reply. Trish

    1. Yes, they are in England. You are not required to purchase the items you edit. It’s an option if you want a print, but you can just download to your computer.

  3. This is a very simple way for so many ways of computer clean up that reflects our computers starting up and just generally functioning reasonably fast. I have done this as an occasional maintenance check up on my computer. But I have a start up problem that happens occasionally. First thing in the morning I turn it on, but it seems to hang on a black screen. The mouse pointer even shows but nothing happens. I do only what I know to do; Manually turn it off and then start again. It completed the boot. It happened this morning. I would sure like to know what I can do with that. Doing the above task manager check doesn’t apply to this type of problem. Thank you

  4. Hi Cyn,
    Thanks for your very useful TechTips.
    Is there a difference between “PowerShell” (right click on start button) and command prompt?

  5. That’s the problem I’m stuck with: I despise Facebook and want to delete it completely! However, until I can find a suitable replacement for the Messenger app (which is part of the Facebook account), I can only deactivate it. If I delete the account, I lose contact with everyone on Messenger, as it’s gone, too. I’m not at the point yet that I can cut those lines of communication.

  6. Thank you for this information. It doesn’t apply to my “free” outlook/hotmail but it is nice to know that it can be done.

  7. I wanted to comment about the person who wanted messages using Facebook but not being involved with Facebook, but click on comment or print didn’t work, so am putting it here.

    Why can’t she just text? I learned it during Irma. Go to a contact, scan down to send message, choose which contact phone number she wants to use (doesn’t work for land lines, only cell phones). Click on Send Message, a box comes up with a place to type message, (can also send/receive photos), then click the right box at top of message, and it sends. Her friends reply comes back there and you can develop as much interaction as desired – w/o Facebook. All she needs is contacts cell phone number, no registering, etc. Been doing it since Irma. Trish