Caps Lock Alarm

Phil from WA asks:

I hit my stupid Caps Lock key all the time on accident, but I know there are alarms and such I can turn on to notify me. How do I do this?

Don’t you hate it when you accidentally hit the Caps Lock key? Sometimes I have a whole sentence typed in before I realize my mistake! (I know, GASP!)

What if you could set your computer up so it alerts you when your pinky finger wanders off and taps the Caps Lock key? With this tip, I’ll show you how to make your computer beep & flash the next time it happens.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get the computer to beep when you hit the Caps Lock key. Here’s how:

XP Users, hit the Start button, Control Panel. Open the Accessibility Options Icon.

On the Keyboard tab , click the Use Toggle Keys checkbox.

That’s it for the beeping part.

Next, we need to get your screen to flash you, err, flash at you. Here’s how:

From the Accessibility Options screen, click the Sound tab and check the Use SoundSentry checkbox.

Next, select Flash active window from the Choose the visual warning drop down box.

That’s it. Hit OK until you’re clear of property and settings screens . Open your favorite word processor and hit your Caps Lock key.

Cool huh?

P.S. If you don’t have an Accessibility Options icon in your Control Panel, you may not have it installed.

To install, hit your Start button, Settings, Control Panel . Open the Add / Remove programs icon and click the Windows Setup tab. You’ll be able to add components from there. Keep in mind you’ll need your Windows CD!

To make your Windows 7 computer beep and flash at you, hold the Windows key and press U (Win+U) to bring up the Ease of Access Center. The links you need can be found under Explore all settings.

To add sounds, click on the Make the keyboard easier to use link. In the dialog box that pops up, check Turn on Toggle Keys.

For visual notification, choose Use text or visual alternatives for sounds.

~ Steve

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