I really hate the default color of browser links. The blue is OK for a new link, but that purple color it turns to after you’ve visited the link is just plain ugly.

So, how do you change it?


With Internet Explorer:

1. Open Explorer, hit the Tools menu, Internet Options. You should be on the “General” tab.



2. Next, click the little “Colors” button. A settings screen will open up.

3. From this screen, click the little color boxes to reset the default colors. I left the blue link color alone, but changed the visited link color to a dark green.


Hit OK and you’re all set.

To test your new settings, head to a site like Yahoo! since they use your computer’s default color scheme for their links.

Note that if you are on a site like mine, WorldStart.com, that your new settings won’t make any difference since we specify what colors the links and such should be in the web code.

Bonus Tip

When you were on the color settings screen described above, you may have noticed a checkbox labeled “Use hover color”. If you check that box, you can set the color a link is when your mouse hovers over it. I like the default color – red – so that’s where I left it. Black looks sharp too.

With Thunderbird:

Go to Tools/Options then under the “General” section hit the “Fonts & Colors” button..

Look over on the right-hand side where it says “Link Colors”.


Just click the colored box and change it to anything you want. You also have the option to have the links underlined or not.

Keep in mind that if the sites developer specified certain colors for links, then it will over rule your default settings.