Is there a way to delete email in Outlook Express without having to look at it?

Usually, as soon as you click on an e-mail it displays in the preview area. If it contains something nasty that you don’t want to see, or it could be a huge file that freezes up your computer. What can you do?

If you have Mozilla Thunderbird all you need to do is hit F8.

With Outlook Express you can add a button to your toolbar to turn the Preview Pane on and off. Here’s how:

1.Right-click the Toolbar in Outlook Express and select Customize from the resulting menu.


2. Scroll down the ” Available toolbar buttons ” list until you find a button labeled ” Preview .” Click the button (to select it) and then click the “Add” button to add it to your toolbar.


3. That’s it. Close the screen and click the Preview pane button on your toolbar to toggle the preview pane on and off.