EZ E-mail Attachments

Do you wish there was an easier way to place attachments in your e-mail messages? I mean, every time you go to put an attachment in, you have to wade through a slew of menus and files just to get the thing attached.

Well, with both MS Outlook Express & Netscape Mail, there is an easier way. (You knew it, didn’t you?)

With MS Outlook & Netscape Mail, you can drag & drop files from Windows Explorer to the message you want them attached to. Here’s how:

First, open Windows Explorer or My Computer and navigate to the file you want to send (note that you won’t want the window maximized). Next open your e-mail program and start a new message.


Outlook / Outlook Express:

This one is easy. Just drag the file to the body of the message and let go. You’re all attached.



This one isn’t too bad either. Drag the file to the address area of the e-mail (not the body). Let go and it’s all attached for you For Netscape 6, you need to drag & drop to the Attachment area on the new message screen.

If you’re using a different e-mail program, it *may* support this as well. You’ll have to experiment to find out.

Final Trick –

If you would rather not do the drag and drop thing, you could always right-click the file you want to send and select Send To, E-mail recipient. Of course, this works better if you haven’t already started the e-mail.