Is there a way to forward just part of an email rather than the whole thing?

It happens to all of us… someone sends a funny joke, recipe, or other interesting tidbit that you want to pass along. But, you are one of 200 other recipients in a chain of addresses going back to the dawn of time when Al Gore invented the internet.

Decision time—do you:

a) just hit forward and send to everyone in your address book

b) hit forward and BCC to everyone in your address book that will appreciate it (better)

c) send the original as an attachment

d) hit forward and remove all those names before sending

If you chose “d”, then you already know what I’m about to tell you. Everybody else, gather ’round your monitors for today’s email tip.

In Outlook Express and Netscape Mail just click the Forward Button, highlight the unwanted portions of the email, then Delete .


It’s that easy.

AOL automatically makes the original email into an attachment when you chose Forward , but you can Highlight and Copy (Ctrl + C) the part of the email you want then Paste (Ctrl + V) into a new message and send it to your friends without all those other addresses.

With Yahoo Mail , in the box next to the Forward button make sure you have “inline text” selected.


That way, when you click Forward , you will have an editable copy of the message that you can highlight and Delete the unwanted addresses from.

If you click Forward with MSN/Hotmail you automatically get inline text with > in front of each line. Once again, just highlight and Delete the unwanted addresses before you send the message on it’s merry way.

Any other Email systems will use variations of the above.

Oh, and if you get one of those “nesting doll” emails with one attachment inside another, inside another… just follow the above instructions when you get to the primary message. I usually give up after two attachments, and when I do get to the innermost message I’m disappointed anyway. Such is life.

Happy forwarding!

~ David