Image Toolbar

Sometimes when I scroll over a picture on a web page, a little box comes up with four icons in it. What do they do?

Before Internet Explorer 6, if you wanted to Save, Print, or email a picture you would need to follow the various procedures for each. But with IE6 the Image Toolbar comes up (in most cases), giving you a few options at the click of a button.


The symbols are not too mysterious: the first icon in the toolbar looks like a little floppy disk, which seems to be the universal symbol for “Save”; The second looks like a printer (guess what that does?); the third looks like an envelope (another obvious one); and the last one opens your “My Pictures” folder.

Now, you may notice that the Image Toolbar does not always come up when your cursor is on a picture. I’m not sure why this happens—just blame Microsoft and use the old methods for saving, printing, and emailing pictures from websites.

~ David

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