Is There a Creep in Your Neighborhood?

I’d like to let you know about an online resource that my wife showed me. It all came about while she and I were getting ready to move into a new house. We have two small children and my wife was concerned about the neighborhood, so she went to this website and did a search of our new neighborhood for any sexual offenders. The website we went to told us exactly what we wanted to know in amazing detail with pictures maps and personal information about the offenders.

Now, the website we were looking at was for Ohio, but these are public records, and anyone in any state should have a similar website for their county. I thought this was a great idea for a security tip since everyone wants to protect the children in their lives. Some of the information you pull off of these sites may shock you. I couldn’t believe how many offenders we pulled up between our old and new addresses. It was eye opening, but thanks to the map and color pictures, I know where they lives and what they look like. If any of these people take a stroll by my house on one of our nice summer days, I’ll know exactly who they are and what they’ve done, and that is a good feeling.

The website is called the Public Record Finder and I believe it’s the best site I’ve found for having links to all states that list public records online. From there it’s as easy as typing in some geographical information i.e. zip code and county. Now I only checked out a couple of states and it was all pretty much the same procedure. You can also use this page for other public record searches.

For tons of great links to local sites and public records with no fee, head over to Klass Kids. You’ll find info here about Megan’s Law (which made all this information possible) and the Amber Alert System. You’ll also find child safety information like Child ID kits and DNA sampling kits.

Another site out there is the National Alert Registry and it was really a good site with plenty of links. They’ll even email you if a new offender moves into your area for a monthly fee of $4.95.

If you’re like me, you want to do everything in your power to protect your little ones. I recommend everyone with kids or anyone who watches kids regularly to do a search in your area and print out the results and let everyone in the family know who these people are and where they live. Also if you know someone that doesn’t get our Newsletter (It’s hard to believe) forward this to them and ask them to do a search in their area. I hope you all get some use out of today’s security tip, and remember that the weather is getting warmer and pretty soon the kids are going to be outside all day-know who the people in your neighborhood are.

Stay safe out there,

~ Chad Stelnicki