Munchin' Cookies

Munchin’ Cookies

If you would like to delete the cookies on your hard drive , you certainly can do so. Keep in mind they really don’t take up that much room though. For example, I have around 1100 cookies on my hard drive and they take up less than 5 meg of disk space. I know, that’s a bunch of those little cookies, but I still think they do more good than harm.

In addition, if you delete out all of your cookies (toss your cookies?) you may find that sites you use all the time no longer recognize you or remember your password. So, you may want to follow the steps below, but only delete out the cookies that are not important (you can see where the cookie came from if you have the Internet Address column stretched wide enough).

Here’s how to delete ALL the cookies from your hard drive:

To get rid of them, do the following:

1. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Start button, Explore.

2. Next, open your Temporary Internet Files folder. It should be just a few folders down.

3. Now, look at the top of the right pane where all your temporary internet files are. At the top there should be a column labeled Type (along with Name, Internet Address, etc). Click the word “Type”. This sorts your files so that all your cookies are lumped together.

4. Almost there. Now, scroll down until you come to your cookie files. They’re easy to spot since they have the word “cookie” in their titles. They should have a little text icon next to them as well.


If you are using Windows XP, it has a separate Cookie File located on the C drive under “Documents and Settings” for each user.

~ Steve

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