Print a Photo Proof sheet

A proof sheet is a printout of picture thumbnails. Most photo organizing software allows you to print these out, but for XP users, it’s built into the Window’s Picture and Fax Viewer. Here’s how to do it…

Open the folder that your pictures are in and select “Thumbnail View”.

Hold down the Ctrl key and select the pictures you want on the proof sheet or Ctrl+A to select all.


Right click one of the pictures and select “Preview”. This will bring up the picture in the WIndow’s Picture Viewer.


Press Ctrl+P to bring up the Photo Printing Wizard. Click Next , Select All or check off the pictures you want then Next again.


Choose your printer then Next .

Select the “Contact Sheet” layout. You’ll see a Print Preview of your contact sheet. One more ” Next “.

You should end up with a neat printout of all selected photos.


~ David