Print Email Text Bigger

Print Email Text Bigger

We learned in this week’s Video Tip how to make the font bigger in an email using a scroll-wheel mouse, but you may know that it still prints normal size. You’d think there would be a way to specify the font size that you print with, but it seems like we’re stuck with 12 pt. or smaller. I know that just won’t do for many of you.

After some time in my thoughtful spot, I figured out a process you can use to make email fonts larger and more readable when printed. Actually, I thought of two ways this could be done, but the overall concept is the same, so you decide which way works best for you.

Method #1: In Outlook Express hit Forward then make sure that you have “Format” set to “Rich Text (HTML)”. Now click inside the text area and Ctrl +A to highlight all the text. from there you can change the font and the font size to your preference. You can also edit the email to your liking—taking out what you don’t want to print.


In order to print, you must Send it to yourself by putting your own address in the To field.

Netscape Mail works pretty much the same way. Click Forward then highlight the text you want enlarged (or Ctrl+A for all). Click the +a button until the font is the size you want. The nice thing about NSM is that you can print without sending it to yourself—just go to File / Print .

Method #2: Copy the text and Paste it into Word, Works, or any other word processor, then change the font size and Print .

Here’s to easy reading.

~ David

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