Shut Up and Dial!

The “regular” way to get rid of excess modem noise is to go to the Control Panel , open the Modems icon, click your modem, then the Properties button, and turn the volume down from there.

Well, I ran that tip in the past and it always seems that there are people out there who it doesn’t work for. So, I did some digging and came up with an even better way. Since I have no way to test this on all the different modems out there, I can’t make any promises, but it did work on our machines.

To get your modem to be quiet when it dials, try this:

1. Hit Start, Settings, Control Panel and open your Modems icon.


2. You should see your modem listed on the Modem Properties screen. Click it (select it) and hit the Properties button.


Click the Connection tab , then the Advanced button.


3. You should see a box labeled ” Extra Settings “. Enter the following into it:


BTW – that last character is a ZERO – don’t accidentally use the letter “o”.


Hit the OK button until your out of your modem settings and give it a try. The modem shouldn’t make a sound when it dials.

Oh, and for those of you with kids— no, I don’t have a magic set of letters to keep them quiet. Sorry 🙂

With Win XP , just hold down the Alt key and double-click “My Computer” to bring up System Properties. Click the “Hardware” tab, then under “Device Manager” choose the “Device Manager” button. Scroll down to “Modems” and click the little (—) to show your modem, then double click it. Selecting the “Modem” tab will allow you to turn the dialing volume down.

For AOL/Compuserve : at the “Sign On” screen, click Setup / Expert Setup then click the “Devices” tab. Select your modem and click “Edit” to bring up the “Expert Edit Modem” screen. In the “Speaker Volume” field you can then choose Off, Low, Normal, or Loud. Click OK then Close .

~ Steve