Replying to Forwarded Email

Do you ever get email forwarded to you, maybe second or third hand, and want to reply to the original sender. We run into that same problem here. One person gets an e-mail, but someone else needs to respond to it. Most likely you click the original senders address and start a new message. However, since you want the original message included you have to copy and paste that into the new message. There must be a better way?

What we do when we get the forwarded e-mail is to hit the Reply button. Now, I know what you’re thinking, all that’s going to accomplish is sending it back to the person who forwarded it in the first place. But this is where the trick comes in…

After you hit Reply , delete the sender’s e-mail. Then, just highlight, copy, and paste the original sender’s e-mail address (from the e-mail) into the “To:” line of the e-mail.

For example, let’s say Joe forwards you an e-mail from Bob. You hit Reply and remove Joe’s address from the “To:” field and replace it with Bob’s.


Nothin’ to it.

~ Steve