Recently the time shown on my received e-mail runs three hours ahead. Other times I get email from days or years ahead. Are these emails really coming from the future?

It would be nice if when someone told you, “I need that information yesterday!” you could email it to them and have it show up yesterday. But, alas, this is not the case. This “email from the future” can happen if your ISP’s clock is off.

Since the time stamp gets put there by your e-mail server, if the time on that server is off, your e-mail received time will reflect this.


Your best bet is to contact your ISP and ask them about it. They can either give you an explanation for the time problem (i.e. you live in LA but the server is in New York) or get it fixed for you.

Recently I’ve seen junk mail come from a year ahead or from way in the past before Al Gore invented the internet. This puts the junk mail at the top of your inbox whether you have it sorted ascending or descending by date. That’s some kinda trick they do on their bulk servers.

~ Steve