How do I add a picture to an email (not as an attachment)?

First, you should make your picture a manageable size. More info on this can be found at our website…

Here’s how to insert pictures with Outlook Express (Thunderbird & Netscape Mail info is below)

1. First, Create a new message and make sure that you have Format set to “Rich Text (HTML)”. From the Insert menu, select Picture .

2. A screen will come up that allows you to browse to the picture’s location on your hard drive.

3. Find your picture, hit OK , and you’re all set.


Note that you can set a few other options before you hit OK. Here’s a quick rundown:

Alternate Text – This will be displayed in place of the picture if the recipient’s e-mail client is not able to, or not set to, display pictures.

Under Layout – Alignment – This lets you set your text wrapping. For example, if you set it to Left, the image should appear on the left of the message with your text wrapping around to the right. It’s actually kinda cool.

Border Thickness – If you would like to have a border around your image, set the thickness using this box. The units are in pixels, so 2 or 3 is usually a good size.

Under Spacing – Your horizontal and vertical spacing sets the distance the text is from the image. By default, there is some space, but you can increase that area by entering values (pixels) into these two boxes.

Here’s how to insert pictures with Thunderbird & Netscape Mail:

First, start a new message by selecting “Write” (“Compose” in Netscape), click in the message area, then from the Insert menu, select “Image” .

You will notice several tabs that allow you to select and fine-tune the picture:

Location – this is where you choose your file from your hard drive. You can also type in an Alternate text that will be displayed if the image cannot be viewed in the recipient’s browser.

Dimensions – Here you can set the width & height of the image or leave it actual size. This shouldn’t be necessary if you sized it in your imaging software first. If you do use it, keep the Constrain box checked to insure the picture remains proportional.

Appearance – here you select your horizontal and vertical spacing to set the distance text is from the image. By default, there is some space, but you can increase that area by entering values (pixels) into these boxes. If you would like a border around the image, put a value in the Solid Border box (in pixels). Usually 2 or 3 is good. You can also Align the text to the image and use text wrapping.

That’s the main stuff. There are some other options you may want to explore, but this should get you started.

Final Notes: If you are using an e-mail client other than Outlook Express, Thunderbird or Netscape you’ll find that most of the information above probably still applies.

~ Steve