Welcome to the Shark Exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium, full of fun videos, a live web cam of the sharks, and tons of cool shark facts. You’ll have your fins full exploring this exhibit. Whether you watch the Hula Dancers praise the Shark God with dance, or check out the sharks as they’re swimming, you’ll enjoy yourself.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is the only Aquarium to have a Galapagos shark on display, a fun fact about this particular shark is that it displays threat behaviors prior to attack. This type of shark is known to attack humans, unlike the Blacktip Reef Shark which is considered harmless because of its small size.

You can check out all kinds of sharks from different kinds of water sources. Your options are Coral Reefs, Freshwater Rivers, Kelp Forest, Open Waters, and Sandy Seafloors. Among the sharks you’ll find some rays, and skates.

You might want to check out th other Exhibits at the main part of the site, which you can get to by clicking the exhibits links at the left side of the page. There are live cams of otters, penguins, kelp and Monterey Bay. The otter section was really neat, and I highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure.


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