Backyard Jungle

Backyard Jungle

Just what is backyard jungle?

Backyard jungle is a sophisticated, free, kid-friendly website where users around the world can load photos, drawings, and descriptions about the natural surroundings where they live, their “backyard.” Users manage and map their own information, share it with other people who visit the website, and visit and comment on the backyards of other users as well. With other people worldwide users can explore and answer the question, “What’s out there?” All the content (information, photos, and drawings) on the website is loaded by users themselves.

I recommend touring around this site, visiting backyards, and see what you can see. It will explain what the site is about better than their explanation. You can really get a feel for it. I’m curious about what’s in my backyard jungle. Aren’t you?

If you go to “Explore Backyard”, you’ll find a search option mid-page that will let you search by state. I put in Ohio to see what people near me had in their backyard jungles. I have a lot of concrete in mine. But I do have a lovely front yard.

I like to look at the backyards that have more than 6 discoveries because otherwise it’s a little barren. But you can spend hours just looking at all the neat things that are around you and your house.

What’s in your backyard?

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