Consumer Affairs

If you do any shopping, ever, then this is a site you should probably add to your Favorites. Here you can check out what companies have a bad attitude when it comes to customer service and backing their product up by visiting the “Rogues Gallery”. On the other hand you have the “Good Guys” section which tells you who provides excellent customer service and product support.

You can file complaints against companies here with the Complaint Form, check out Consumer News and even Recalls on products you bought. Learn about the Lemon Law, and whether it applies to you in your state. As well as how to tell if you bought a lemon and what you can do about it.

This site has a lot of help like the “Small Claims Guide”, a Resources directory, and FAQ. So if you do have a defective product, or lemon, or question, you can quickly find the answers you need here.

And on top of all that really helpful information, you can surf this site by category from the home page. So if you want to check out cars only, you can without wading through curling irons, and swimming pools.

Put this site in your favorites today!