Download: CD Slide Show Generator

Weekly Download: CD Slide Show Generator

I burned a bunch of pictures to CD-R then sent it off to my mother-in-law. She eagerly popped it into her computer in anticipation of seeing pictures of her grandkids, but then couldn’t figure out how to view them. This is no longer a problem thanks to a free Windows XP Power Toy called CD Slide Show Generator.

Now when I burn pictures to a CD-R using XP’s built in CD burner I can tell it to add a picture viewer. When the disk is put in the drive the pictures automatically come up as a slide show. The disk will even play on computers with Windows 98 and ME, but you need XP to make one.

“OK, you have us drooling, so what do we do?”

First, you need to download the program file from the MS PowerToys for XP website…

Over in the right-hand column under “Download” find CD Slide Show Generator and click the link. Even with a slow modem it should only take a few minutes. Once downloaded, install the program (if you need any help with this, visit our Downloading Guide ). Once installed, don’t go searching around trying to find a program to run—it’s now a built in feature of XP’s CD recording wizard.

Now we’re ready to burn a slide show CD. If you don’t know how to use XP’s CD burning program, head over to our CD burning tutorial and scroll down to “Burning with Windows XP”…

The burning process will proceed as usual until a screen comes up that asks, “Do you want to make a picture CD?” and it tells you about the picture viewer feature.


Choosing Yes will add the picture viewer to the disk. That’s it—one little button click will make this picture CD into an autorun slide show. The rest of the burning process will finish as usual.

What if you want to add more pictures after burning? No problem, just follow the normal procedure for burning CDs again. Even with a CD-R in the drive, XP’s burner allows multiple sessions when you are burning data. This time, however, you won’t be asked to add the picture viewer because it’s already there.

Pop the finished disk into any computer with Windows 98, ME, or XP and the slide show will start right up.


At the top of the screen is a gray navigation bar that allows you to start, pause, or close the slide show. You can also use the forward and back buttons to manually change the picture (the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard will work too).

One last thing… to print the pictures, open them in imaging software, or save them to your hard drive, just use your normal methods. All the files remain as JPEGs, just like any data CD full of picture files.

It’s a simple program, so you can’t adjust how often the slide changes or anything, but hey, what do you want for nothing?

~ David

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