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We at Worldstart get calls from time-to-time about a specific type of software—journal software to be specific—something you can use to record your life. The calls or emails usually sound something like this, “Hey, do you guys have anything like that software Dougie Houser used to use on that TV show, you know for writing journals.” In the past I would just describe to them that they could use any word processing program and consistently keep it organized and dated.

Well, yesterday we decided to look for a freeware program to do this and found a really cool one. It’s called iDailyDiary, and it’s a very easy to use, yet robust program for keeping a journal. The freeware version has fewer features than their professional (pay) version, but still has such nice options and presentation we were all really impressed.

iDailyDiary uses rich text and gives you the ability to insert URL’s, Hypertext links, and links to other diary pages. Here’s a list of some of the features the program offers:
· Data files encrypted and password protected
· Richtext Editor
· Fully Searchable
· Multiple “pages” for each day
· Export to HTML format to create web pages
· Supports Unicode (non-western character sets)
· Mutli-Language GUI, including Chinese, Dutch, French, German and Italian

On top of all these cool features you can also run this program from a removable media mass storage device, such as a thumb drive, or Ipod. This means you can take it with you anywhere, and edit your journal, without installing the program on all the PC’s you plan to use. Here’s a link to a forum thread that discusses how to do this…

This coupled with the easy import/export, and backup/restore features makes it safe to utilize this procedure without fear of losing all of your work. You can even password protect your journal to stop curious eyes.

The features don’t stop there, the support for this program is absolutely great as well. For instance the “Help” is filled with in-depth descriptions, and screenshots, which really helps you to understand all the options, and get the most out of your Diary. The site has forums and contact information for their techsupport, FAQ’s, incident forms, and update news, as well as another couple of free downloadable programs.

I believe if Dougie Houser was still on TV this is the software he would use. As a matter of fact, as soon as I find an email address for Neil Patrick Harris I’m sending him the link. Maybe not.

Download it here…

~ Chad

*Worldstart is not the developer of this software. If you have problems or question contact Splinterware or visit their forum…

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