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In the article I was throwing out some tips that can stop other users from installing Peer-2-Peer (P2P) applications on your PC. P2P allows many users to share any number of computer programs, movies, music, etc over the Internet via some application without the consent of the companies that create the media. An example of some P2P powerhouses are Kazaa, Emule, or Limewire and you may have heard one of these names in the news over the past year or so in regards to File Sharing of copyrighted material. P2P may sound like a good way to get free stuff, but the applications are riddled with spyware (that’s how they make money), pose a huge potential for viruses, to say nothing of the not-so-legal aspect of stealing a company’s products. To make a long story short, it can really do a number on your PC, and it’s something you should actively stop others from installing on your system.

P2P Killer is a download from Palmersoft, which transparently stops the install of some of today’s better-known P2P applications. There is really nothing to it, no configuration or management—it simply installs and the only way you can tell it’s running is from the process menu in task manager (XP, 2000). When someone tries to install any P2P software it simply dudes out, disappears, and is not installed. A couple of things I did notice about the software is: 1) You need to have it running on the profile the person will be using that you want to restrict, otherwise it will not work. 2) Don’t install it on your Administrator account. 3) The profile on which P2P Killer is running will also make the Task Manager not work. What I mean is when you pull up a Task Manager it will stay up for a few seconds and then close. This can be a little frustrating at first, but the reason the program does this is so that the user youu’re restricting can’t stop the process and consequently the program from the Task Manager. If you log in under a different user account it shouldn’t affect you anyway.

Here’s a list of the current P2P applications this will stop: Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, Emule, Mirc, Lime Wire, Overnet, and eDonkey.

Palmersoft also has an email address where you can send other P2P programs that you would like to see blocked and they will try to add them to the list. The program is tiny (4KB), and no “biggy“ to install (remember to turn off all background applications). Also remember to install it on the user profile you want to restrict, or you’ll end up cutting yourself off from the free software (hahaha). No, seriously, there is no reason to run P2P Killer on your user account, it’s mainly when you’re having problems with the kids constantly downloading music, and other media causing a loss of performance.

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Chad Stelnicki