Download of the Week: PrintFolder 2.1

Did you ever want a list of the folders on your PC? We get email all the time asking how to print a list of files in a folder. Maybe you need help deciding what should stay and what should go, or how about printing an index of a folder to use to keep your backups in order. Well want no more, I have what you’ve been looking for—it’s called PrintFolder 2.1.

This little program, written by programmer Roman A. Pivovarow, will print out a list of your folders. It gives many options to help you get the view that would most benefit your needs. The interface looks basically like Windows explorer with a hierarchical tree style of folder structure. You select the folder or folders that you want to be included and you can even choose parent folders and then configure how deep into the subfolders the output should display.

There are three different output types you can choose from: HTML, plain text, or unformatted plain-text. Another cool feature is you can type a name for your root folder which comes in handy when you’re recording data because you can change the root folder to reflect that the files and folders now exist in the following folder. The HTML view is cool because it creates a page with links to your files.

The program is only 420k and should download quickly and install just as easily. PrintFolder 2.1 is free, but if you want the updates then register and pay $9.95z—that’s up to you. The free version seems to be full featured, but if you find yourself really enjoying this program, show your gratitude by compensating the programmer.