Weekly Download: Roboform

I always have a hard time remembering passwords. With so many accounts at so many different sites it’s impossible to keep track of them all. I try to remember all these passwords and usernames that go along with these accounts and wonder if I used capitals letters or numbers. Arrrgh!

One way around this is to use the very unsecured practice of always using the same user name and password for every account, but this is sensitive information, and often times becomes known to others which can make you feel nervous. Another thing to consider is that it is not a good practice to use regular words for passwords—it really should be a line of alpha numeric gibberish which makes it all the harder to decipher. This, unfortunately, also makes it harder to remember.

Worry no more because I’ve got you covered with this week’s free download. I ran across this title while I was looking up some information for another free program for you. I was so blown away by this little program that I put the other download on the back burner and decided to run this one instead.

Roboform is easily one of the best password programs I’ve ever seen. Okay, maybe that’s not earth shattering news to a lot of you, but the ease of use, configuration options, and features really do make this program stand out as a must have. Roboform has anything I could ever want in a password program and a lot of cool features that I never would have thought of, Here’s a list of a few features:
· True one click login
· Auto Generate Passwords
· Allows you to have many different profiles
· Has a notes option to leave you reminders about certain passwords and their purposes.
· Auto fill web forms
· Has a backup option so you don’t have to worry about loosing passwords in the event of a disaster.
· You can print out all of your stored information for specific uses.
· Works with Internet Explorer along with any browser based on Internet Explorer such as Yahoo or AOL. Also works with Mozilla, Netscape, and Firefox but not as well. ( Click here for browser compatibility )
· Create custom fields
· IE toolbar buttons

Some of you might be familiar with Gator, a program that does almost the same thing but with devious features like being close to impossible to uninstall, and tracking where you go online and doing who knows what with that information. With Roboform you can have your cake and eat it to—not only is the core program a lot more versatile and robust it also has no advertising, no online tracking of your surfing habits, and even comes with a process that will convert your Gator accounts over to the Roboform. For more on why this is better than Gator, head over here…

So, if you’re like me and have a bunch of web accounts, then you may want to give Roboform, a try. I mean, let’s face it, keeping up with all of your accounts can be a pain , but not anymore, not with Roboform.

*Since we first reviewed this software on 4/30/04 Roboform limited the free version to 10 entries. it’s still a great program, but I guess they decided to make some money off their efforts.

DOWNLOAD… http://www.roboform.com/index.html

~ Chad

Chad Stelnicki