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I love using My Favorites in Internet Explorer (IE). Whenever I find something on the web that I may want to visit again, off it goes to My Favorites. If I have to do some research I almost always create a folder in IE’s My Favorites, then I dump all the sites I have visited into it.

However, IE’s My Favorites has some limitations, or lack of features that I always thought it should have. For example, I can add favorites and create folders, but that’s it. Sometimes when I go through My Favorites I can’t for the life of me remember why I even bookmarked the site. Also, the folders only have one layer if I need to make sub-folders I’m out of luck, or I have to make a regular folder in Windows and create notes for myself, and drag links into it.

Well apparently someone was thinking the same thing I was. Arcadia, a Russian software company, is offering a free My Favorites alternative. I believe “myFavorites” (this is the way they spell it) has an advantage over the normal IE “My Favorites” because it can do everything I mentioned above that IE My Favorites can not do. myFavorites allows you to take notes about favorites, and enter values for date, importance, citation, and more. This is ideal for collecting information about sites, and not just creating links. If you use IE’s Favorites like I do then you’ll appreciate this Internet tool. Also this is a great program for students, or anyone for that matter who does a lot of research online.

~ Chad

P. S. myFavorites only works on IE, but Netscape and Opera let you make bookmark notes anyway (See Computer 101 for 5-28-2004 )

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