Weekly Download: Timeleft

I have been so busy around the office lately it’s ridiculous. I feel like the poster child for multi-tasking. Sometimes it’s so hard to keep up with all my appointments and deadlines that I’m either late or seriously late. Throughout the day, week, and even year there are dates and events that you don’t want sneaking up on you—Did I back up the database, or when’s the next three-day weekend. I find my self creating endless post-it notes, or making mental time hacks, which is a method plagued with shortcomings and disorganization, that’s why I use Timeleft.

Timeleft is a small program with tons of flexibility and great options to keep you on schedule. Here’s what the Timleft countdown timer has to offer: Reminder, Countdown, Stopwatch, Clock, Time Synchronization, Message Window and it Can open websites and folders as a reminder option.

On top of all these options you can completely change the way the title acts and looks with a staggering amount of configurable settings, for a free timer program. Nestedoft’s site has a FAQ’s section, and there is an accommodating Help file, and even a tutorial in the program. As a matter of fact I just set it to open up an audio file when my lunch is over, and open up the Worldstart homepage—worked perfectly.

If you need a little something to keep you on track, you should find the Timeleft a real lifesaver.

Download it here…

~ Chad