eNature Local Guides

eNature Local Guides

When you arrive at this site you’ll get a pop-up that asks you to put in your e-mail address and zip code. If you decided to do so you, and hit go you will a get a local field guide for your area. Then you can see what kind of wild life is hanging out where you live. I got a list of birds right off of the bat, and found out that the bird that’s following me around around when I do my yard work is a Common Grackle.

If you choose not to do that, then close out of the pop up window and browse the field guides by their type. You can go from mammals to birds to insects and even wildflowers. Browse the wildlife and then you can figure out if they are in a place near you. Or you can check out the Parks and Refuges.

You can even find out what the experts have to say about your local wildlife. Or for gardeners like me, get the dirt on what local pests you are up against before you start planning your garden. For nature lovers who want to say hello to a friend you can check out their free e-card section that has 5,000 images for you to choose from. If you like this site you can sign up for their free newsletter.


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