This is one of the neater activity sites I’ve found. Just type your text into the box, turn your speakers on, and hit “Let Them Sing It”. Your lyrics must be in English, and if it runs across any words that it doesn’t know you will get a box prompting you to name a song and artist who use that word so that they can add it to their dictionary.

I put in: “Hello, are you out there” (With no punctuation as it seems to throw it off track).

Explore as many lyrics as you want, you can still play your song even if there are words missing from its dictionary it will just skip over them. The longer your lyrics the funnier “Let Them Sing It” gets. So try this:

“Thank you all today, I hope you had some fun – had a great time, playing with this. It was fun for me to bring it to you. Enjoy.”

It should come up and tell you that it could not find the dash in it’s database, choose play anyways and listen to a very silly composition.

This site is hours of fun and when you are done with your creation you can send it via e-mail to a friend. 🙂 But be nice to your friends and don’t bombard them with a ton of these.

Go now and Compose!