Organize Your Documents

Do you dump every file you create into your My Documents folder? Is it the digital equivalent to a messy 7-year-old’s room? Well never fear, the computer cleaner is here! (I can’t believe I just said that!)

Anyhow, the best way to keep things organized is not to create any documents in the first place, right? That’s not how the world works, though, so┬átry setting up sub-folders inside the My Documents folder, instead.

Make one for each “category” of document that you have.

For example, you could have a folder for letters, one for invoices and so on. It makes keeping track of stuff much easier. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Click the Start>Documents. This will open your “My Documents” folder.

2. Now, create a new folder with an appropriate name (right-click any blank area and select New>Folder from the resulting menu).


3. Finally, drag any documents that belong in that folder to it, and that’s it! You can create as many of these little sub-folders under the “My Documents” folder as you need.

Oh, one final suggestion – you may want to make yearly folders too. For example, at the end of this year, make a folder called “2012 Docs”. Then move everything you’ve made (folders and all) into that folder. Gives you a fresh start for the new year. (OK, so it’s the Windows equivalent of shoving toys under the bed, but who cares? It works!)

Now, if only I could apply this technique to my daughter’s room…


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