I am strong advocate of interesting forms of art, and show my support. Well I love VR Panoramas. They make you feel like you are really there at the location.

The goal of Hans Nyberg, the site’s creator, is “to make immersive panoramic images also called VR Photography more known among the general public.” So I’m going to help him out by introducing it to you.

You will need Quick Time to view the Panoramas but you can download it from a link off his site and it only takes a couple of minutes to install and setup (your web browsers already have a Quicktime plug-in). If not, head over to…

Check out all the panoramas that strike your fancy. I will suggest an off his site jaunt to see the “Mina sings in the Vatican Basilicas.” But you’ll notice that you can also visit panoramic sites from all over the world with his sidebar worldwide directory. Very worthwhile to do so. You can take a mini-vacation from the seat of your computer chair.

I’d also like to recommend checking out the the Full screen section as these are very neat. You have the option not to, though. I hope you enjoy this marvelous art form as much as I did.

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