Paper Online

Paper Online

“Paper is all around us and the demand for paper is increasing. With hundreds of final uses, paper satisfies many important human needs – paper is a part of everyday life.” I couldn’t beat an intro like that so I quoted the site.

At Paper Online you’ll find:
What is Paper? — Learn about paper and its uses.
The History of Paper — How and when did paper originate?
Paper Grades and Products — What kinds of things are made of paper?
Paper and the Environment — How does paper effect the environment?
Questions and Answers — Frequently asked questions about paper.
The Paper Cycle — Learn about the process of making paper.
Pulp —The pulp making process. This section is fascinating!
Education — A section for teachers, or if you want to make your own paper.
Glossary — A list of paper and forest terms defined for you.

All in all very educational and interesting. Not only is this site well put together and easy to navigate but very informative.

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