Shel Silverstein: the Official Site for Kids

Shel Silverstein: the Official Site for Kids

This is the official web site for poet / author Shel Silverstein and includes many sections such as: Let’s Have Some Fun, What’s New, Shel’s Books, About Shel, and Ideas for Teachers and Parents.

Let’s Have Some Fun: This section is full of fun stuff for your kid’s to do. Just choose the section you want, click the download and print button and you have hours of fun for your kids. They can do an activity booklet, cut out a bookmark, do poetry and puzzles, and send their friends e-cards.

What’s New: This section tells you what is new. Right now in the news is Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th anniversary addition with 12 new poems. Read more about in this section.

Shel’s Books: Check out all the books that Shel has written in this section and you can even view animations from each book with Shel reading his poems. VERY NEAT! This was my favorite part of the site. I highly recommend you check out all the animations for each books. My favorite was Where the Sidewalk Ends’ “Ickle me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too.”

About Shel: This section is obviously the biography section check it out to learn about the man behind the books.

Ideas for Teachers and Parents: Here you can download the Classroom Poetry Kit that explores new ways to explore Shel’s poetry with children. Very nifty. I downloaded it and was intrigued by the different ideas.

All in all this site is a beautifully crafted delight for children and adults. Enjoy!

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