The History of Eating Utensils

The History of Eating Utensils

You know we use utensils to eat just about everyday of our lives, except for those times when we eat with our hands. But how often do we considered their history? Where did they come from? Who invented them?

I think about these things. Well, today we’re going to explore the History of Eating Utensils. You can explore: Forks, Knives, Spoons, Chopsticks, and Portable Cutlery. I was curious so checked them all out.

Did you know that the Greeks had the first recorded forks, they only had two tines and were mostly used for carving meat. Then in the Middle East forks made their appearance during regular dinners.

Knives are by far the oldest eating utensils, seeing as how they date back to prehistoric times. Read about how knives evolved into the ones we use to day with the Knives section.

Chopsticks on the other hand, “were developed about 5,000 years ago in China.” And “Spoons have been used as eating utensils since Paleolithic times. It is most likely that prehistoric peoples used shells or chips of wood as spoons.” I’ll leave Portable Cutlery for you to discover on your own.

The pictures on this site are really cool. They show you the utensils throughout the ages. I loved looking at the Turkish spoons made of shell and wood. Some of the pictures you can click on to get more detail. Very neat!

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