The Longevity Game!

The Longevity Game!

This age tabulator calculates your age off of your responses to questions about your general health, family background, and experiences. How long will you live based on your answers?

I filled out the questions and answered honestly. According to the age tabulator, if I continue living the way I do now I could live until I’m 87 years old.

The neat thing is you can go back through and answer as if you were living the healthiest way possible and compare the difference. If I lived healthier I could live up to 100 years old.

You can also get to the other extreme and choose all the worst answers and see what happens. With that set of answers I could live only until I was 41 years old. Nice incentive to keep up my current health regimen.

It’s only twelve quick questions and only takes about two minutes to fill out—what age will you tabulate out to?

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