Using Stationary and Templates

So, you’ve created a really cool Rich Text (HTML) email format and want to save it for future use, huh? Guess what? You can save it in Outlook Express and Netscape.

With Outlook Express use the Stationery Wizard to create a cool template for your email. Go to Tools / Options then click the “Compose” tab.
In the “Stationery” area click “Create New”. You will then be walked through the process of adding an image, selecting a font, and setting the margin. Once completed, give the stationary a name.

You can also swipe a template from someone else’s email if you see one you like by selecting the message then going to File / Save as / Stationery . This is a pretty lame thing to do, but I thought I’d mention it to ya anyway.

To use your stationery on all your outgoing messages go to Tools / Options then click the “Compose” tab. Under “Stationery”, check the “Mail” box then “Select”.

To apply stationery to just one message go to Message / New Message Using then select a stationery style. Or, if you started a message already, (make sure you are in “Rich Text” format) go to Format / Apply Stationery then select a stationery style.

In Netscape Mail you can save from any window in which the stationary is displayed, such as your composition window, “Sent” folder, or even your Inbox. Then, if you want to use the same format again, you don’t need to start over.

After you create a new message and have set the font, text size, text color, background color, picture and any other formatting, you can save the message as a template.

With the message displayed, open the File menu and click “Save as”, then choose “Template”.


This saves the message format in the “Templates” folder. You can also open an existing message that already has formatting that you like and follow the same procedure.

Okay, so you have a template and you want to use it. Now what? In the folders window (the column to the left of your message window), you will see a folder called “Templates”. It should be under “Inbox” and “Drafts”.


You can preview each template in the preview pane until you find the one you want to use (If you don’t see the preview pane, go to the bottom of your message window and click the double arrow tab in the middle of the gray area to open it). Just double click the template you want and it opens. Now you can type your new message and save it to your “Drafts” folder or send it out.

When you send the new message, the template stays put in the Template folder for the next time you want it.

Just keep in mind that fancy email is in HTML format, so anyone with preferences set for Text Only will see code instead of your masterpiece. In addition, HTML email gets censored by primitive e s.p.a.m e filters.

~ David